Math Assist+

Version of 'Math Assist' which is free of adds. Designed to help you survive the rigor of college by supplying more than 360 math and calculus tables along with explanatory pictures. This version allows more information to be displayed with less power consumption.All references are designed for clear viewing. Pinch and zoom to get a closer look at a graph, picture, or written formula.This application will supply you with everything you need through the first year (maybe two) of math. You will find the organization and flow will simplify your search.The interface allows quick location of your formulas- including Algebra, Trigonometry, Derivatives, and Integrals. Each of these topics contains a single-click entry to a definitions to 5 to 10 pages of important formulas and information.The current list of topics is:Geometry:-Contents of topics by topic or entry-Glossary of terms (97)-Angle pairs-Angles-Circles (circles, annulus)-Lines (line, segment, ray)-Plane triangle-Points-Polygons-Quadrilaterals-Relationship of lines/angles-TrianglesAlgebra:-Arithmetic, -Constants-Complex numbers-Cubic/quadratic formula-Exponents-Function definition-Factoring-Inequalities-Logarithms-Mean, Median, Mode, and Range of data sets-Polar coordinates-RadicalsTrigonometry:-Acute angles-Addition formula-Arbitrary angles-Double angle formulas-Fundamental trigonometric identities-Graphs of trigonometric functions-Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions-Half-angle formulas-Hyperbolic definitions-Laws of Sine, Cosine, and Tangents-Trigonometry of real numbers on the unit circle-Unit circle Derivatives:-Critical and inflection points-Definition of the derivative-Exponential derivatives-General rules-Notation for higher order derivatives-Derivatives of Hyperbolic geometry-Derivatives of TrigonometryIntegrals:-Basic integrals-Basic trigonometric forms-Common integrals-Common substitutions-Exponential and logarithmic forms-Fundamental integral-Green's Theorem-Hyperbolic functions-Reciprocals of trigonometric forms
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