This application simplifies the process of creating and reviewing flashcards. It's designed to function without the frustrating stops and starts of many Palm applications: Flashcards may be entered with keyboard, Graffiti, and on your computer. They can be reviewed without using the stylus, and no screen-tapping is necessary to shift focus when entering and editing cards. The program implements the Leitner Cardfile System to customize the arrangement of flashcards based upon previous review sessions. This insures intensive review of your most difficult cards. Create multiple decks of flashcards, and track your progress in each one. Entering new cards is really fast with both the stylus and a keyboard. Unlike some other applications, you do not have to touch any buttons or fields on the screen to change focus or add cards. Each deck of flashcards provides a clear and helpful summary of how much you have learned. You can choose to review just the "question" side of each card, or include both the "answer" and "question" sides in your review. The latter method is particularly useful for learning foreign languages. Create and edit decks of cards from the convenience of your desktop. Unlimited decks and cards when you register. Total touchscreen-free testing using the hardware buttons on your palm pilot. Use even fewer keypresses while studying with the autoAnswer feature. Tests you on your flashcards using the tried-and-true Leitner Cardfile System. Questions and Answers can be arbitrarily long. Try out the demo. You can have two decks, with up to 10 flashcards in each deck. Register to enable as many flashcards and decks as you want, and to access upgrades.
Operating System Mobile