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Everyone who has managed one or more fantasy Hockey teams for more than one season recognizes the simple need to be able to draft the best players possible in an atmosphere of pure confusion during draft day. Quite simply whether you are a team manager or the league commissioner, you have a lot to remember. Players are being taken very quickly, and you need to be able to: 1. Ensure you draft the best available talent at each position through use of a personalized player watch list. 2. Quickly answer those 4th through 20th round distracting questions like; which wide-receivers are left? Is Peter Forsberg taken? 3. Prevent avoidable migraines. 4. Have a quick and easy method of recording which managers take which players, so that after the draft you have a complete record in case of disputes. 5. Avoid having to carry a computer or notebook into a sports bar, when all you need is a PDA. OK, if you really want an excel version then we can make one available to registered buyers. With the Draft Day Hockey Manager 2003 (DDHM2003) survival package you have a strategic tool comprised of management methods which will help you minimize the work involved with managing draft day, and ensure that none of your preferred players get drafted without your knowledge. Best of all, by using these tools you will be able to make better draft choices because you always know which players are still available - a competitive advantage!
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  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher
  • 80k free memory
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