2003 World Almanac - World Nations

Get the World Nations Database plus THREE more World Almanac products for only $19.95 in the 2003 World Almanac - World Data Bundle!Become an "Instant Reference Expert" on World Nations!Town Compass® presents The 2003 World Almanac - Nations of the World.Whether you are an educator, student, scholar or just need immediate access to important World Nations Information, you will find this database fast, comprehensive and extremely valuable. Loaded with addresses, charts, graphs, and footnotes. Put authority in your pocket! The Database contains:Full-color Cover Page, Storage Card Compatibility, Searchable RecordsNations of the World Listings, including Population, Age Distribution, Population Density, Urban Density, Ethnic Groups, Principal Languages, Chief Religion, Area, Location, Neighbors, Topography, Capital, Cities, Type of Government, Head of State, Local Political Divisions, Defense Budget, Active Troops, Industries, Chief Crops, Minerals, Crude Oil Reserves, Arable Land, Livestock, Fish Catch, Electricity Production, Monetary Unit, GDP, Per Capita GDP, Imports, Exports, Tourism, Budget, International Reserves, Gold Reserves, Consumer Prices, Railroads, Motor Vehicles, Civil Aviation, Chief Ports, TV Sets, Radios, Telephones, Daily Newspaper Circulation, Life Expectancy, Births, Deaths, Infant Mortality, Education, Literacy, Major International Organizations, Embassy in the US, History, and NotesWorld Area & Population, including Ranked Populations and Land Areas by Nation, Population Projections, Ranked Populations by City, World Refugees in Asylum, Sources of World Refugees, and HIV/AIDS Cases by NationWorld Organizations, including US Naturalization, International Organizations, United Nations Info, UN Roster, UN Secretaries General, US Representatives to the UN, Organization of the UN, Organizations within the UN, Geneva Conventions, Major Foreign Development Aid Donors, and Top Development Aid RecipientsOrganized in a three-layer subject hierarchy and in an index in remarkably small files, so navigation on your handheld is fast and easy.
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