ClinRx is an easy to use Creatinine Clearance calculator along with a kinetics calculator for vancomycin and aminoglycocide dosing. The creatinine clearance is calculated in up to three different methods: Cockcroft-Gault, Cockcroft-Gault using adjusted weight, and the Jelliffe method. Initial dosing tools for vancomycin or aminoglycide based on the information entered for creatinine clearance are presented on the subsequent screens. The elimination rate constant, half-life and volume of distribution is calculated. A target peak or trough can be entered and a resulting dose and interval is calculated. With actual lab peak and trough's, actual Ke, VD, and T-1/2 are calculated. The peak and trough values are adjusted for the time delays from the lab draws and actual Pk/Tr's are calculated. Again, target Pk/Tr's can be entered to calculate the necessary dose. A must tool for all hospital pharmacists and physicians in assisting with renal dosing and kinetics. Download a trial version!
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