Bible Names Glossary

More than 2,000 names from the Bible with their meanings and descriptions. This is a simple reference program with names of the men in the Old Testament and their meanings. The program can be useful for religion students, but will also be of interest of everyone who likes to learn more about men in Bible. BDicty Dictionary Reader Features: Specialized for reference content (dictionaries), resulting in simplified interface and improved speed Hundreds of language, specialized and entertainment dictionaries and phrasebooks, including free ones; if you can't find your dictionary let us know! Available on other mobile platforms (Windows CE / Pocket PC, Linux / Sharp Zaurus) Instant lookup from within any other application* Extendable with custom articles* Standard travel phrasebooks* Unlimited unidirectional dictionaries Excellent data compression Dictionary browsing with dynamic word positioning True support for MMC, SD, MS external media cards through VFS Tested on the whole family of Palm OS® devices, up to Palm OS 5.0 (Clie NX series and Palm Tunsten)
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm