Ferri's Clinical Advisor

Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2008 offers a fast, effective way to access important diagnostic and therapeutic information on nearly 700 conditions. It offers key information on diseases and disorders, differential diagnosis, laboratory evaluations and clinical preventive services. The result is a convenient, portable source for must-have guidance essential to everyday general practice. Key Features Provides key preventative information adapted from the US Preventative Health Task Force. Features billing codes, including ICD-9-CM codes to expedite insurance claims and reimbursements. Includes complete, bulleted information on every aspect of 701 diseases and disorders - 9 new in this update. New approach to topics on "Seizures", revised and updated. Provides differential diagnoses for over 493 signs and symptoms - 25 newly added in this resource. Presents all of the information you need to interpret 214 laboratory tests. New recommendations for immunization and testing in Section V: Preventive Medicine. Provides handheld software featuring the content from sections I, II, and IV and point-of-care information from other sections in the text. Presents graded evidence-based medical information throughout - the only reference of its kind!.
Operating System Mobile Palm
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.5 or higher