ThoughtManager for Education

Designed for a variety of educational uses, ThoughtManager for Education is a powerful tool for teachers and students. Use it for: making outlines (nine levels of embedding), planning lessons, assessing, taking notes, and organizing the loads of information involved in teaching and learning. With the desktop version, you can get it all together on your big screen, transfer it to your handheld, and make changes on either device throughout the day. Features include: Create & organize lesson plans, lectures, & learning activities Design and do authentic assessments while students are learning Record student learning with standards-based checklists & rubrics Manage classroom tasks, homework records, behavior logs, parent phone calls, field trips, and more... Teach note-taking, group collaboration skills, research steps, vocabulary skills, text-book reading, hierarchical information storage (outlining), time management, & more Write, read, & study information in outline form: vocabulary, literature, test items, and more Share your outlines, activities, ideas, agendas, lesson plans by beaming them, sending them via email, or posting them on this Web site.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher
  • 300k HDD space