English to English Dictionary Gold

It is always good to have a reliable dictionary within reach. While reading, writing or simply communicating, we come across new or forgotten words and expressions all the time. Was it harrass or harass? Recieve or receive? Priviledge or privilege? And what exactly does unabridged mean? The Beiks English Dictionary is a compact and handy helper to the hungry and always improving minds. Hundreds of thousands mobile users across all major mobile platforms are enjoying it since 1999 and now that it is available for RIM's BlackBerry so can you! Features: Wide range of colloquial American English vocabulary Rich, detailed word definitions; multiple meanings Two alternate installation packages (choose based on the device's available memory): Standard - 17,000 words / 1.1 MB Gold - 34,000 words / 2.2 MB Simple and convenient program interface High dictionary compression ratio, allowing more than 5 MB of data to fit in under 2 MB device memory! Full text search within dictionary articles turns every dictionary in a thesaurus! Keyword coloring makes reading easier (requires lexicon versions 2.0 and higher) Support for wide screen portrait and landscape modes /where applicable/ Specially optimized for speed on new, faster Palm OS 5 devices with ARM processors Dictionary browsing with dynamic word positioning Cross-lookup feature Two view modes with adjustable display panes True support for MMC, SD, MS external media cards through VFS Tested on the whole family of Palm OS�® devices, up to and including Palm OS 5.x (CLIE NX/NZ/UX series, Palm Tungsten T2, T3 series, Treo 600) Adjustable font sizes Horizontal / Vertical views Smart view Most recently looked up words list Word of the day NOTE: The pro version of BDicty dictionary reader is more powerful than the Public reader version and is separate product! You do not need it in order to use the English lexicons, but you may want some of the features it offers. You can always upgrade to it if you want it.
LicenseFree to try
File Size975.44 kB
Operating System Palm Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher