Verb Conjugator

Designed to help in studying or dealing with foreign languages, the program is a handy substitution for the fat grammar books. It is implemented as one "host" program with many language plug-ins, each of which provides the conjugation functionality for particular language. It is important to know that most language plug-ins use rules and exceptions specific to the language to perform the conjugation. Because of that, they do not have clear way of identifying made-up verbs and will made up conjugations for them. Irregular verbs are usually taken into account. Write us if you find an omission! How to use it: Conjugation is performed based on a verb infinitive and for specific tense. The output consists of 6 verbs (3 persons for single/plural form). Conjugating is a simple as that: 1. Download and install the shell program file and the language plug-in you want; 2. Run the program and select language to conjugate in from the drop-down list at the top of the main screen (if more than one plug-ins are installed); 3. You may select a tense from the list of tenses you are present. The first tense in the list is selected automatically. You can change that selection at any time. 4. Enter a verb infinitive in the "Inf." field. The program will be updating the output list while you are typing! 5. If you want to copy specific conjugated form, tap on it to select it and copy it to the clipboard.
File Size15.63 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.0 or higher