Beiks Spanish/English/Spanish Dictionary

In response to the thousands emails we have got, here is the promised combined English/Spanish/English dictionary! Highlights The compact and handy dictionary features about 40,000 entries in each direction. Additional entries can be easily added when necessary. A special English/Spanish phrasebook is included, which can be life-saver when traveling in Spanish speaking country. In addition, a bonus English lexicon is included in the bundle (35,000 entries in 2MB). Detailed Features: 40,000 entries in each direction 500 kB per lexicon (1MB altogether) Ability to load only one lexicon (e.g. only English to Spanish or only Spanish to English) to save memory Flash ROM compatible (lexicons can be moved to the Flash ROM of Palm or in a Flash Card for Visor users) Expandable with custom words, which are automatically stored on your PC during HotSync Quick-pick words list for fast data access Free updates English to Spanish Phrasebook with more than 150 common phrases, classified in categories like Airport, Hotel, Dinner... Universal with more Beiks dictionaries Support for International Phonetic Alphabet based pronunciations added; currently available for English languages only Support for color tagging of output; requires downloading of updated lexicon file versions; not yet available in resident lookup mode Lexicon info screen provides information of the lexicon file properties Bonus Features: The bundle includes an extensive English dictionary of 35,000 entries in 2MB. For more Beiks' applications, please, click here.
File Size758.79 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher
  • BDicty Dictionary Reader