Spider-on-the-Palm is an implementation of the Spider Solitaire for Palm handhelds. Spider Solitaire is one of best-known two-deck solitaires, despite the fact that it's an extremely difficult game to win. It seems to inspire a fanatic devotion among some players. Perhaps the rareness of a win makes it all the more satisfying when, once in a while, it does come out. Minimum requirements: Palm OS version 2.0 or greater 50K free memory Main features: Supported devices: All Palm handhelds starting from Palm Pilot All Sony Palm OS handhelds Supported resolutions: Standard (160x160) Palm High-Res (320x320) Sony High-Res (320x320) Sony High-Res+ (320x480) Gameplay features: New!!! High scores table Unlimited undoTwo game types (standard and timed) Three game difficulties Game scoring Adjustable status bar Adjustable game field color
File Size21.48 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS version 2.0
  • 43k free memory