Intravenous Medications

2007 Intravenous Medications lists all side effects, compatibilities, and incompatibilities, 10 relevant medical calculators including PO Dosage Calculator: Liquid, IV Time Calculator. The #1 bestselling IV drug reference for over 30 years and published annually to provide the most current IV drug information possible, the 2007 edition of Intravenous Medications is updated throughout with hundreds of new drug facts and approximately 10 new IV drugs recently approved by the FDA. This IV drug reference includes all essential data for administering more than 350 FDA-approved generic IV drugs. The alphabetical organization makes drugs easy to find. All drugs are indexed by generic name, all common trade names, and pharmacologic action. Key Features Established as the #1 intravenous drug reference for over 30 years - trusted for its accuracy and comprehensive coverage. Lists IV drugs alphabetically by generic name for quick clinical reference. Offers coverage of more than 350 intravenous drugs providing an unparalleled drug reference for clinicians in any setting. Revised annually to ensure that users have essential information on the most recently approved IV drugs as well as updated information on existing products. Provides extensively updated drug compatibility sections to facilitate safe administration of drug combinations. Highlights dose variances for geriatric, pediatric, infant, and neonatal patients in separate sections to provide age-specific dosing information. Lists all side effects, compatibilities, and incompatibilities in alphabetical order to assist in a quick review of this information. Includes over 100 charts detailing dosing and dilution guidelines, recommended dose modifications, combination schedules, infusion rates, and more. Notes unlabeled drug uses, when applicable, to provide information on other possible uses. Includes drug specifics for monitoring, pregnancy, patient education, and elderly to cover specialized areas of patient care. Provides comprehensive information for each drug in format designed to facilitate quick and easy reference in the clinical setting. Includes a drug pronunciation guide at the beginning of each drug monograph to enhance communication.
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