Quran Reader for Palm

Read the Holy Quran in English and Arabic on your Palm. Quran Reader provides Arabic with verse by verse english translation. Quran Reader requires no Arabic support and includes full tashkeel with 'Darussalam Certified' data. Quran Reader Pro has the following features: 1. Stylus support for PDAs 2. Arabic and English Translation by Mohsin Khan 3. 4 versions of english translations by Yusuf Ali, Mohsin Khan, Shakir and Pickthal. 4. Five bookmarks with description 5. Search facility within a chapter and the whole Quran with verse highlighting and page by page results 6. Search the Quran in Arabic (using a virtual Arabic keyboard) as well as in English 7. Over 100 Quranic Dua's (Supplications) - compiled and categorized in a separate section for easy reference. Lists all topics with corresponding verses. You can now memorize Quranic Supplications in your own time . 8. Zoom-in & Zoom-out support for changing font sizes (3 levels) 9. Jump to particular chapter in the Quran 10. Jump to particular verse in a chapter 11. Improved interface from Quran Reader Basic with control over chapter loading and searching
Price USD0
License Free
Version 4.34
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Make sure you have the (FREE) IBM Webshpere JVM installed on your Palm before hand. Check it out for free at http://www.palm.com/us/support/jvm