Epocrates Essentials for iPhone

Used by 1 in 3 US physicians and 1 in 3 medical students, Epocrates Essentials is an easy to use, comprehensive drug and disease reference. Use it to quickly and conveniently find all the clinical information you need for over 3,300 Rx medications, hundreds of alternative and OTC medicines --- adult and peds dosing including off-label indications, interactions, pricing, packaging, adverse reactions divided into serious and common reactions, mechanism of action and much more. Search hundreds of diseases and conditions with high resolution images. We also have an infectious disease treatment guide that allows you to search by infection, bug/bug class, or drug/drug class. Our Pill ID allows users to identify pills by color, coat and clarity. Also take advantage of MultiCheck, a unique multiple drug interaction check feature that enables you to check interactions on up to 30 drugs at one time including Rx, alternative and OTC medicines. Instantly access continually updated clinical data and medication safety DocAlert messages from the FDA by using the AutoUpdate feature. In this premium version, there is also an IV compatibility checker with weight based dosing calculator. Our newest version also includes an improved user interface as well as formularies to help you practice more efficiently and help you save your patients money on their prescriptions.
Operating System iPhone OS 2.x iOS iPhone OS 3.x