2003 World Almanac - US Data Bundle

Become an "Instant Reference Expert" on US Data!Town Compass® presents The 2003 World Almanac - US Data Bundle.Whether you are an educator, student, scholar or just need immediate access to important US Data, you will find this database fast, comprehensive and extremely valuable. Loaded with addresses, charts, graphs, and footnotes. Put authority in your pocket! The Bundle contains:Full-color Cover Pages, Storage Card Compatibility, Searchable RecordsUS Cities & States Database, including US Cities, US State Listings, Outlying US Areas, and Washington DCUS Facts Database, including US Facts, National Park System, and American IndiansUS Government & Defense Database, including Bush Administration, US Cabinets, 107th US Congress, US Judiciary, State Government, and National DefenseUS History Database, including US History, US Oaths & Anthems, and US PresidentsConsumer Info, Health & Travel Database, including Consumer Info, Postal Info, Associations & Societies Listing, Social Security, Health, Food & Nutrition, Health Help, Travel & Tourism, Energy, Transportation, and US CitiesVital Statistics Database, including Births & Deaths, Marriage, Drugs & Alcohol, Accidental Deaths, Student Behavior, and Health & InsuranceThis product requires the FREE Town Compass DataViewer. Download it from www.PocketDirectory.com.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5
  • 4,196K RAM (full version)
  • Town Compass DataViewer