BDicty English/Dutch/English Dictionary

This is a very useful Bidirectional English - Dutch - English Dictionary with the basic words from mostly all areas of the day life. The English to Dutch lexicon contains more than 10,000 entries in 111 kB; The Dutch to English lexicon has over 10, 000 entries in 111 kB. Note that the downloadable demo contains only 10% of the words! This bundle contains: English to Dutch lexicon - full version contains more than 10,000 English words with their translations in Dutch. Full version size: 111 kB. Dutch to English lexicon - full version contains about 10,000 Dutch words with their translations in English. Full version size: 111 kB. The Pro Version of BDicty Dictionary Reader BONUS: Monolingual English Gold dictionary - full version contains over 35,000 entries. Full version file size: 2 MB. Click here for more Beiks' dictionaries for Palm OS.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 and above
  • BDicty Dictionary Reader