Caravan Level With Speech

This is similar to other surface bubble level apps but has 2 unique features. Firstly it can speak the amount in Degrees, Dimensions or Blocks your Caravan is out of level front-to-rear and side-to-side, then confirm when it's level in all directions. Secondly it can have a customised offset when you intentionally need something with a small slope angle and this offset is remembered. Caravan Level is aimed primarily for Caravan and Motorhome enthusiasts but would also be useful for general DIY. It has an option to use the built in speech feature so app "says" where on the Vehicle it's low and by how much, then finally when it's all level. If you have chosen to use sounds or better still speech, then with your iDevice volume loud enough and the Caravan door open you can hear where and how much it needs raising in Degrees, Dimensions or Blocks from outside. Most useful of all is if you have a wireless Bluetooth Earbud (which are not too expensive) or wireless Bluetooth Headphones, you can hear as you walk around the outside making adjustments the amount Caravan or Vehicle is low. Alternatively it has the ability to play sounds indicating when the iDevice is low, nearly level or completely level but you need to see the screen as well so you know which area is low. 5 Steps (6 if you use the new 'Dimension or Block' system) to set-up CaravanLevel the first time:- 1/ Level your Caravan or Motorhome to your desired 'slope angle', using your normal method or the Bubble Level in CaravanLevel. 2/ If you would like to use the Dimension or Block method then you need to take 2 measurements. 3/ Locate this iDevice on a firm flat surface in the Caravan or Motorhome (preferably inside but it's not essential) with 'Home' button pointing towards one of the walls. 4/ Start app and when loaded click lower right cog / page curl button for 'Settings' screen. 5/ Select your requirements thus 'DISPLAY TYPE' click the word Caravan, Motorhome or Bubble Level so button goes Blue. 'ORIENTATION OF FRONT' click appropriate word, so for example if the front is on left side of iDevice screen, touch 'Left'. 6/ Finally and the most important step is to press the 'CUSTOM OFFSET' button 'Reset' so it changes to Green, then click top left 'Back' button to automatically measure offsets and save your settings. The main screen will reload and after a few seconds the grass background will disappear and turn pale blue to confirm the Vehicle is all level.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 1.5.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements iOS 8.2 or later