Microsoft Jet Database Engine 3

The Msjtwng.exe file contains an update of four DLL files that are included with Microsoft Access 7.0 for Windows 95; Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0, and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. The problems fixed by this update are as follows:On Windows NT: Slow performance when you run large queries or execute operations that read Long Value data types (OLE or Memo fields); Microsoft Jet database engine version 3.0 may stop responding (may crash) when used with Microsoft Internet Information Server 2.0; You cannot create a dropbox on the local computer in Replication Manager; When you rename a form in Access, you may receive an IPF On Windows 95/98 or Windows NT: When you try to open a database, you receive the following error message: Database Name isn't an index in this table; Two-digit dates are not resolved to four-digit dates until runtime, when used in the QBE grid and on property sheets; All two-digit dates are imported as occurring in the 1900s; "No Common Point..." error when synchronizing two replicas after the year 2000, if they were created before the year 2000
File Size664.72 kB
Operating System Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows Windows 95