From the developer: ""A Windows 9x device driver that increases overall computer speed. Widely tested and used by OEMs'. When Microsoft requests data(a file to load a program for example) it first looks into its memory cache and if the data is not there, it goes to the hard drive for it. It then 'reads' and uses the data. Microsoft sets the maximum amount it can read to 64k. That means that if a file is larger than 64k (which most are) it must a go back to the hard drive (seek) to get the rest of the request. Data2Quick increases the amount of data read from 64k to up to 1Mb dynamically, thus taking advantage of computers with more memory. Now when Windows requests data, it sees much more of it in memory cache and immediately uses it thereby bypassing the much slower hard drive leading to a faster more efficient system.""
Price USD20
License Free to try
File Size 192.09 kB
Version 2.00405
Operating System Windows Windows 95 Windows Me Windows 98