Storyago is an image viewer, editor and converter. Non-destructive caption on image helps you to explain specific area of the image. For more detailed comment, adding tooltip for the caption is also possible. This tooltip may include weblink to forward related website by one click. With a simple one click rotation, you can still see the rotated picture next time without saving. The program also automatically remembers zoom and scroll status of the image to recall the previous status when you open it later. Classify images by user-defined categories and set rating on each of them. You may search/filter images according to image size, type, name, caption, category, rating, date and location(using EXIF tag). Multi viewers allow you to browse multiple images(1-4) at the same time. After selecting a region of an image, you may apply various image effects on that localized area. Main features: Fast loading speed by advanced loading algorithm. Non-destructive caption, rotation/flip. Multi viewers. Search/filter images Basic features: Directory view, Thumbnail browser, Rotate/flip, zoom, Full screen mode, Slide show, Sorting images, Drag-and-drop support, Batch rename/convert, Print options, EXIF support, Multi language support Edit features: Adjust Rgb, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma, opacity. Set Grayscale, negative, sepia. Blur, sharpen, sketch, oil painting, bumpy, emboss, mosaic. Improve color/brightness, remove unwanted dot, fix red eye. Crop, resize, scale, tilt image. Draw capability. Other features: Image tag, Edge detection on full screen mode, Creating contact sheet/image strip, Auto rotate by EXIF info, Screen shot, Set favorite folder, Set timestamps, Various save options and quality adjustment, Play gif-animation, Run external programs, Mouse wheel support, Skins(Pro version) Supported file formats: Read: jpg(jpeg), png, gif, tiff(tif), bmp, pbm, pgm, pnm, ppm, xbm, xpm, ico, dds, psd, wbmp, cur, webp, svg and Raw images(nef, orf, rw2, pef, srw, arw, raf, crw, cr2, erf, dcr, mrw, dng) Write: jpg(jpeg), png, bmp, cur, dds, icns, ico, tiff(tif), pbm, pgm, ppm, webp, xbm, xpm, pdf.
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