FastRawViewer is all you need for extremely fast and reliable culling, direct presentation, and the speeding up of the conversion stage of any amounts of any RAW images. FastRawViewer allows to see RAW exactly as a RAW converter will "see" it, and to estimate what RAW converter will be able to squeeze from it. Windows and Mac OS X platforms Reading RAW files from any media without intermediate database Non-destructive culling and editing Composite and per-channel display of real RAW shot - not embedded JPEG or uncontrolled conversion Real RAW histogram RAW-based over- and underexposure indication and statistics RAW-based tools for checking in-focus areas and level of noise in shadows Quick Exposure adjustments (overall brightness) Applying White Balance - presets, color temperature/tint, manual A variety of Contrast (Tone) Curves Shadow Boost Black and White preview Rating and Labels Customizable extensive EXIF Data Display Rating/Labels and Adjustments are saved in XMP sidecar files, so there is no need to repeate them again in a RAW converter Move or Copy "keepers" to a designated folder Move rejected shots to a Rejected folder - re-evaluate or delete them later Color Management Sysytem Customizable Keyboard shortcuts and Preferences Fast Raw Viewer is the unique solution for those who: - Shoot in RAW and are tired of wasting hours or days on looking and sorting through piles of shots - Tired of rendering piles of JPEGs so that you can quickly browse through them with a client, CMO, senior designer, editor in chief, or even your friends and family. - Are in constant need of very quick viewing, visually and technically analyzing, sorting through hundreds or thousands of RAW shots, and choosing them for further processing - Want to shoot in RAW, but don't, fearing that they're going to get mired in sorting RAW files - Are forced to use JPEG format, because your previous experiences tell you that it is impossible to quickly select and show your client the images taken in RAW - Are in need of tools to instantly adjust white balance and exposure (brightness) right while browsing through the shot.
Price USD 14.99
License Free to try
File Size 26.24 MB
Version 1.5.3
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None