Dynamic Notepad allows you to enter handwritten notes into your PDA. What makes this NotePad different from others is the ease of sorting your different scribbles either by date or Title, simply by tapping the table header of the respective column. You can also choose categories for each of your notes. If you tap and hold each icon across the bottom of the forms a tip will appear on the top of the form indicating the action when tapped. Help files are available by pressing on the information icon (i) at the top right of each form. You can filter your records by a user assigned category located at the top of the record form, and you can also filter the records by these categories, which are also user editable. Features: (10/07/04) Filter records by user editable categories User assigned DataIcons for easier location on the table Compatible with extended screens (landscape or portrait forms) Hi resolution compatible UPDATES: 1.1 (01/14/05) Added date field to keep track of when you create or edit a note. 1.5 (4/28/05) Table Header Tapping Sort - Tap the Date table header and items will be resorted by date - Tap the Title table header and items will be resorted by Name (Title). Other system updates Icon Database Updated Palm OS 3.0 - 5.2 compatible 1.6 (2/10/06) Disabled extended screen on scribble pad only to stabilize notes across all platforms Added Time Field to database Other system updates and fixes Palm OS 3.0 - 6 compatible
LicenseFree to try
File Size233.52 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 required
  • 100K free RAM required