Combos Hi Res 3D Icon Collection

An entirely new set with icons not found in any other set. The follow up to the best-selling Hi Res 3D Icon Collection. Over 2900 icons with more on the way. Combos are combinations of icons which are brought together. They are especially useful in programs like Splash ID or Datashield where you may want several variations of an icon. No need to re-purchase. Upgrades are free as always. 3D Hi Res Combos Icons for OS5: SplashID 3 Agendus DateBk5.1 (and above) Datashield MonthPlanner HandyShopper All icons can be installed on your handheld with either Mac or PC. These icons work well with Icon Manager. This set includes 2000+ unique icons. All icons include Hi Res and Lo Res versions. These icons have been professionally hand drawn to be as real as possible. Most are drawn to look 3 dimensional. Categories include Websites, Shopping, Folders, Books, Home, TV, Tasks, CD, Car, Computer, PDA, Shipping, Camera, Gifts, Memo, Mail, Birthday, Data, Kids, Clothing, Stop, Directions, Alarms, Inbox, Groups, Flowers, School, Fun, Insurance, Search, Cards, Medicine, Medical, Tape, Time, Calendar, Safe, and Security. Only some of these categories are in the trial version. The new icons are free to anyone who purchased previously.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS5