Artelope is a real-time shape-recognizing drawing app for the Palm OS.  Draw any shape on the screen with the stylus.  Artelope will straighten lines, clean up polygons, smooth curves, and draw ovals and circles, all based on the userâ??s freehand sketch.   Several generations beyond the many â??scribble padsâ?? available for Palm, Artelope lets you draw clear, clean, easily viewable and understandable drawings.  Artelope translates the userâ??s sketches directly into recognized shapes, without requiring the user to use cumbersome toolpads or unnatural and non-intuitive tap-and-drag motions.  Just start drawing and keep drawing.   If you need to switch from drawing rectangles to drawing straight lines, or to switch from drawing ovals to drawing smooth curves, thereâ??s no need to switch tools; just draw what youâ??re after, and thatâ??s what you get.  Artelope is perfect for quick sketches, flowcharts, and those middle-of-a-meeting doodles.
Price USD 12
License Purchase
File Size 24.41 kB
Version 2.2
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher