imageApp is an application which displays your digital photo library in random sequence in a moveable and resizeable window. All of you who have large numbers of photos sitting unseen on your hard drive can fire up this app and lo, they will appear before you, reminding you of how much your kids have grown, or that great party from a couple of years back or the holiday you took. When you first run imageApp you will be prompted to select a folder. The assumption is that you will have all your photos nested under a single, top-level folder, and that's the one you pick. imageApp will then traverse the sub-folders and load all ".jpg" and ".bmp" files. These will be displayed at random. When they have all been displayed, imageApp will display them again (and again) until you close it down. When you run imageApp again it will remember the top level folder you picked the first time.
File Size90.5 kB
Operating System Windows Windows Me Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows XP