PrintMagic For Windows

PrintMagic is the most innovative, versatile, and flexible printing utility available on the PC, and PrintMagic works with most programs! PrintMagic simultaneously makes you significantly more productive while dramatically reducing your expenditures on ink/toner and paper (especially important in these days of budget crunching). PrintMagic also provides you with complete control over the information you print. * PrintMagic lets you quickly and easily print anything from a single character to multiple pages in virtually any application. * PrintMagic significantly reduces the money spent on ink/toner and paper. * PrintMagic adds a virtual Desktop printer to your Desktops that supports drag-and-drop printing of text selections and closed .rtf files. * PrintMagic includes the innovative "Printboard" that accepts multiple dragged and dropped text selections, including non-contiguous selections and selections from multiple web pages/documents/programs. (Students, faculty, office staff, and anyone else who does research, creates reports, or gathers information no longer have to print unnecessary data in order to obtain the information they need.) * PrintMagic is good for the environment because it dramatically reduces the consumption of paper and environmentally unfriendly inks and toner. * PrintMagic lets you add on-the-fly notes to any data that you print. When using PrintMagic, you will always be able to have clearly printed notes placed adjacent to the information to which they apply. * PrintMagic's note feature supports drag-and-drop note creation and the ability to use drag-and-drop within the note for easy editing of the note's contents. * PrintMagic lets you -- on the fly -- add a time-date stamp to any text that you print. When using PrintMagic, you will always know when you printed your information, how current it is, and the chronology when printing multiple versions of a document/selection. * PrintMagic accelerates printing both by being able to bypass the Page Setup and Print dialog boxes and by not spooling unnecessary data to your printer. (PrintMagic is able to access the Page Setup and Print dialog boxes.) * PrintMagic eliminates web browser printing problems such as getting blank and partially printed pages. * PrintMagic often allows you to print information from programs even when those programs can't print the information. * PrintMagic even lets you print your selected text in PDF files. * PrintMagic includes a one page Quick Start Guide, a built-in Tips/Help file, and Help Tags. * And PrintMagic includes many more features! The cost savings and productivity enhancements provided by PrintMagic are multiplied for schools, businesses, and other organizations that use many computers. For special site license pricing, please email your inquiries to:
Price USD 24.95
License Free to try
File Size 607.47 kB
Version 1.1
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows, Windows XP, Windows NT
System Requirements None