ATI Tray Tools is a tweaker for Radeon video cards. Features include: Overclocking with templates Automatic overclocking when application required 3D mode. Artifact Tester with ability to find maximum stable clocks for GPU and Memory. Game profiles with desktop shortcut creation. Direct3D settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu OpenGL settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu Hardware low level color correction Hardware tweaks. Setting PCI latency timer System wide Hot Keys. (Load profiles any profiles/work with colors/run any application) Refresh Lock system with ability to set separate refresh rates for each resolution. Tweak for overriding Pixel and Vertex Shaders Speed improvement tweaks for Anisotropic/Trilinear Filtering Support for system options, VPU Recover, DMA Copy and so on Support for MMC applications And many features
File Size695.31 kB
Operating System Windows Windows XP Windows 2003 Windows 2000
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003