OSXplanet is a front-end to the popular program xplanet made in Cocoa and Objective-C. It is in its beta version. It replaces your desktop with a picture of earth showing where it is night and day. It also downloads the latest cloud maps and overlays it with the earth map. Make sure you read the README (Which is now in the OSXplanet program and do all the things on it before reporting bugs! As of version 0.74, OSXplanet WILL work with the option "Change Picture" enabled.This also means it could have serious bugs that I overlooked.This version has many new features as a result it may have bugs that I have overseen. Please give me feedback at gabriel@otte.ucsc.edu. Many thanks to Pascal Souaillat for designing an icon the new icon is based on. Thanks to Matthew Thomas for designing an interface that the new interface is based on.
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Operating System Mac OS X 10.3 Macintosh Mac OS X 10.2
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or higher