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Group Logic's new MassTransit software is the tool that gives you the edge in automated file transfer and workflow integration. MassTransit 3.12 is nothing less than a revolution - taking telecom workflows to a whole new level of productivity, flexibility and power. Packed with features, MassTransit gives you three primary capabilities for linking with your customers ...** Extremely easy, automatic, high-speed file transfer. Unprecedented flexibility and compatibility with telecom and networking hardware, services and protocols. ** Incredibly rich feature set for managing and enhancing graphic arts workflows.MassTransit 3.12 has everything you need to create powerful, productive workflows using high speed telecom links... to offer your customers faster turnaround times, lower costs, increased responsiveness... and to gain the competitive advantage of telecom-based production workflows like no other solution on the market.
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Operating System Windows Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows NT
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