Application and Website operate directly. You can set the key combination to popup the menu when you click mouse right button on the EditBox. Support multi-languages. Now, English and Chinese Simplified language are already include, and it's also easy to translate to your own language. Do it yourself in minutes. Automatically stat the password access frequence. So, you can first look the item that it was accessed frequently. You can load the icon from .ICO, .EXE, .DLL file, and allocate the icon for password item, so you can distinguish them easier. Automatically track the item's password expiration days, and hint you to modify it when it was expired. Double_click to view the item properties and modify it, copy it's password to clipoard, send it's account/ID and password to application window or website directly. Enhanced password generator. You can call this function at anywhere and anywhen. If the EditBox contents the password, when you click on this EditBox and choose "Save..." command from the popup_menu, OKey pick-up the account/ID and password information automatically for you to store. Enhanced GUI components provided the vision better.
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Operating System Windows 98 Windows Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows NT