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Wondering what is the best Word-to-PDF converter and how to create nonsearable, uneditable PDF documents? Searching Word-to-images converter software? WordtoPDF Converter is the recommendation that is ready for your use. No learning curve and start converting immediately after installation. Convert Word to selectable PDF. As the name implies, selectable PDF means the text within it could be selected and extracted. Most of PDF files are selectable PDF. Usually, you can use Save As function in MS Word processor to save your word files as PDF. Here, WordtoPDF Converter provides an alternative method to convert your Doc or Docx documents to PDF. Convert Word to Image-like PDF. Unlike selectable PDF, text in image-based PDF files are unaccessible and nonsearable. It is impossible for other readers to get all text or data by simple copy and paste. Some users could increase the security of their documents by using this kind of uneditable and nonsearable PDF type. Unfortunately, Word processor doesnt provide such file type in its Save As function. WordtoPDF Converter stands out. The process is simple and be completed in three steps. Create PDF documents from Word files in batch mode. Do not let Save As in Word processor be your only choice to create PDF from Word documents. Try some third-party applications could make your work more efficient and save your time. Batch process will be applied automatically once you have uploaded more than one Word documents. Doc and Docx are both acceptable in this smart application. With this utility, you can convert more than 100 Word files to PDF at a time. Convert Word to images. You may find the secret when you are using WordtoPDF Converter to save your Word files to read-only PDFs. All pages within a Word file has been converted to pictures in PNG format and archived in the destination folder with the output PDF file. Believe it or not, you can take WordtoPDF Converter as a Word-to-PNG application.
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Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
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