Whether you need a simple ZIP Code lookup or complex routing calculation, CDXZipStream can help you get the most out of your location-based data. Do you need to find latitude and longitude for a list of addresses, identify the closest stores to your customers, or get ZIP Code demographics for a marketing campaign? CDXZipStream is a Microsoft Excel add-in that works right in your spreadsheet, performing thousands of calculations at a time. Just specify what data you want and where you want it, and CDXZipStream does the rest. Features include easy, on-demand access from Excel, automatic data updating, and multiple demographic data feeds. CDXZipStream is also compatible with both Microsoft MapPoint and Bing Maps. The Bing Maps web service offers up-to-date, worldwide coverage and can be used to geocode, reverse-geocode, calculate driving distance and time, perform route optimization, verify addresses, look up ZIP Codes, and create maps. Additional CDXZipStream functions can calculate the distance between any two ZIP Codes, find ZIP Codes within a radius area, and create ZIP Code lists by city, county, or state. Databases are available for both the U.S. and Canada. CDXZipStream works in Excel 2000 and higher, and comes in several versions to suit your particular needs. Pricing begins at $69.95, which includes a one-year subscription to our U.S. ZIP Code database. All versions come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.
Price 69.95
License Free to try
File Size 9.2 MB
Version 4.1.2
Operating System Windows Vista Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows Windows XP Windows 7
System Requirements Microsoft Excel, Bing Maps API Key, MapPoint, Maptitude