Deskun is a help desk and task management software that works within the Gmail interface. Coming in a form of Google Chrome extension, this ticket system allows users to enhance Gmail and G Suite interface and customizes it according to company needs. Deskun is targeted at small businesses, startups, freelancers, and medium-sized companies in different industries that have a stable flow of incoming inquiries. It can be used as a help desk for email customer support, or as a task management solution. Deskun uses slight changes to the Gmail user interface to create a customized solution for businesses by adding new properties: Tickets, Projects, and Queues. Help desk tickets can be assigned to responsible support agents automatically, or manually, and action history ensures full transparency. With Deskun, users can create separate Queues for specific customer requests, and sort requests with filters. Features that enable top quality customer support are automated replies, delegation, message templates, notes for internal collaboration, and collision detection. For task management, users create Tickets with checklists (subtasks), then add deadlines, statuses, priorities, and assign responsibility for each step. Once a task is set, managers can view timestamps on viewing, changes, shifts in priority, and deadline completion. Furthermore, Deskun provides free unlimited features for Gmail, such as email tracking, email scheduling, snooze and message templates.
LicenseFree to try
Operating System Webware