Using this console app (no GUI) and providing simple arguments, you can log the logon and logoff times/machine to a shared network location. You can later view the events with the LogonOff Viewer that I have also provide in the free apps section. Use this exe with provided arguments in your GPO logon / logoff scripts section. Usage: UserLog.exe [PATH TO LOG FOLDER] [LOGTYPE] [SHOWERRORS] Path to log folder: The root share where you want to store the logfiles. A subdirectory will be created for each user, and their log files stored in that subdirectory. LOGTYPE: 0 = Logon 1 = Logoff ShowErrors: 0 = No 1 = Yes (If no, errors will be ignored with no indication that there's a problem other than the log likely not being created) For capturing User Logons, use the exe in your GPO logon script section. Use the following command: \\PathToUserLogProgramFolder\UserLog.exe "\\PathToUserLogShare" 0 For capturing User Logoffs, use the exe in your GPO logoff script section. Use the following command: \\PathToUserLogProgramFolder\UserLog.exe "\\PathToUserLogShare" 1 (DO NOT Include the trailing slash!) (If the path has spaces, ensure you surround the path with quotes " ")
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Operating System Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows Windows 2003 Windows Server 2008


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