NIC Speed-Duplex Report-Configure

Using this tool, you can import a list of systems and with that list, scan for all Network Interface Controller cards (NICs) and generate a report of all NICs on each system (to include Speed/Duplex if the config file has been updated). By modifying the NIC_SpeedDuplex.config file, you can define NIC profiles and NICs to ignore (like WAN Miniport (IP), 1393 Net Adapter etc). Once you've updated the NIC_SpeedDuplex.config file to reflect the NICs on your network, you can actually update the speed and duplex on the systems as you scan them. For instance, you can update all systems to be at 100/Full vs the default Auto Detect. This is quite common in a network where Fiber is used as the medium.NICs already added to the config file are listed below. To determine the entries to enter into the NIC settings, you must retrieve them from: System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002bE10318}\#### The XXXX will be a 4 digit number. The driverdesc is in the root of each subkey. To determine the reg_param and the speed/duplex options available to the NIC, they will be listed in the subkey NDI\Params. Find the correct subkey which contains the speed/duplex options. The name of that key will be the reg_param. The values listed under "enum" are your speed/duplex options. The value name is what you enter as the NIC settings, relevant to the description. If the NIC doesn't support a particular speed/duplex setting, use 9 as it's value.
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