EnterpriseWizard ITIL SaaS

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is about improving the quality of IT services. It is a set of guidelines published by the UK government that suggest how to improve efficiency, reduce failure, and improve customer service. It is no coincidence that EnterpriseWizard provides the industry's leading ITIL solution, since the system architecture and functionality set were designed to meet the ITIL guidelines. Any ITIL application should be able to map the complex relationships between assets (configuration items), people, and several kinds of requests. It should also automate a variety of processes, ensuring the correct procedures are followed, notifying about deadlines and service delivery failures, and so on. However, that is not enough. Several applications claim to be ITIL compliant, or even ITIL certified -- this is really a meaningless claim, since only individuals can be ITIL certified -- but the problem is that ITIL guidelines are not prescriptive. The ITIL documentation does not tell you how to construct a service catalogue or how you should implement the process of converting a service request into a problem or change request. Therefore, ITIL software vendors have designed their systems to implement ITIL the way they think it should work. But your company may have different needs than the company next door, and many pre-configured ITIL products are not flexible enough to let you implement ITIL the way that is best for your company. Take the example of Services Requests and Incidents. Some companies may see Service Requests and Incidents as two sides of the same coin - allowing their end users to submit both kinds of record in a single interface/table, while using rules and workflow to allow for different process flows based on the type of issue being submitted. Other companies may want to separate these functions completely, holding Service Requests and Incidents in separate tables and managing them very differently.
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