OverSee Your Money. Keep It Simple

A very basic simple way for anyone to keep track of their funds, you will be able to see all your income and outgoing expenses all at a glance. Keeping all your contacts information is a breeze, all your follow updates and reminder dates are color coded for quick notification, saving you the time of looking for the follow updates that needs to be make that day. Map all your contacts in minutes. This is a small but jam packed program with mutable daily useful programs all in one that anyone can use, no long learning curve and very easy to use. Program will assist you daily in many different area. work or home. their are approximately 7 programs imbedded into (your oversee your money program) that may help you with other things that you may do on a daily basis on your computer, such as: allowing you to send yourself or friends etc cell phone reminder on a future date automatic, emailing yourself about up coming bills due, shutting down your computer every day at any time you set, opening up your online bill paying website account (automatic, no thinking about it ) on the day that you normally pay your bills. Giving you quicker access to some of your programs already on your computer now. search some of the top 10 website search engines at will, check spelling on any word, all within your reach. research any health questions fast, quickly email anyone from your desktop, test your reading speed with our speed reading program, program will help you do essay faster and will hold 60 MLS number and customes name and notes for real estate agents, data entry lock on info. very helpful if self employed with tax's at the end of the year. Program will allow you to copy any (texts) and select a list of 9 applications to run at a pressing of a button, best of all you can learn how to use all of the features in about 30-40 minute after downloading the program. not complicated at all, but really very neat.
Price USD19.95
License Free to try
File Size 1.45 MB
Version 3.8
Operating System Windows Windows 2003 Windows Me Windows 98 Windows XP Windows 2000