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Try Microsoft's Outlook as convenient helpdesk for customer enquiry directed at Fashion- / cloth-companies. The Add-in supports you when you with storing / start of the Fashion boilerplates for the helpdesk. One receives a predefined organisational structure with the usual questions which happen in customer enquiry Fashion- / cloth-companies, accompanied by suggestions for boilerplates that normally can be put into these areas. All Fashion boilerplates allow a multiuser configuration so that with a LAN all supporters use the same helpdesk texts and share the same DB. All templates for text modules already have headlines in 2 languages / were assigned icons to find them more easy. This structure can easily be used in Microsoft's Outlook with the shareware Reply-Butler, and the text modules and the text modules can get accesed at express speed.
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Operating System Windows Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows 7 Windows NT
System RequirementsMicrosoft Outlook, ReplyButler for Outlook