vrdl panoLive is a specialized software utility designed to help you create panoramic clips using video streams obtained from multiple sources. It supports many popular 360 camera rigs, including the gopro, h3rpo-6 h3rpo-6n and so on . Live streaming solution that enables you to stitch videos captured by panoramic camera rigs and broadcast in real time or save the output locally. 1. Audio and video inputs: panolive supports USB capture devices and magewell capture devices. 2. Exposure correction: Different video inputs may have different exposure and white balance settings, making the panorama video unnatural. panolive analyzes the discrepancy and eliminates the unpleasant visual effect. 3. High quality blending. panolive has two blending algoritm, linear blending for fast processing and multiband blending for high quality panorama output. Best visual quality can be obtained by applying exposure correction and multiband blending together. 4. Spherical and cubic format output. Panolive can generate spherical and cubic format panorama video catering for different panorama video players' demands. 5. 4k video output. Panolive supports 4k resolution panorama video rendering. High PC's hardware configuration and good network condition allow such rendering and streaming to be real time. Panolive work flow: 1. Connect video and audio capture devices to your PC. 2. Open panolive and select video sources and audio source. You can select video resolution and frame rate at this step. 3. Stitch video sources together. We need a stitching template telling the application how to organize video sources together to form panorama video. You can make a stitching template using the current video sources, our advanced algorithm will handle this for you. Or you can import an existing stitching template. 4. Send panorama video and audio to media server, you can also save them to your PC hard disk.
Price USD 999
License Free to try
File Size 33.91 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements None