Controlled Capture Lite

Controlled Capture not only makes it easy to capture pictures and videos; it also allows you to capture time-sequenced and controlled images automatically, creating time-lapse and slow motion videos. This exposes you to a whole new world of uses for your phone or tablet's camera. With Controlled Capture you can record slow and fast events, such as a flower opening or a friend's golf swing, and then observe the intricate details of these events. The flower opening is seemingly sped up and the golf swing can be slowed down frame by frame to allow analysis of the swing. Controlled Capture has two modes of operation: Image Capture Mode and Video Capture Mode. In Image Mode, individual or timed snap shots can be acquired, which are saved in a Project folder that you name. This Project folder can then be played back at any time via the built-in Image Player, presenting you a movie of the single or time-lapsed images taken. Snap Shot also allows you to make stop motion animations with your camera. The timed snap shots allow you to control the time interval between image capture, to allow you to take time-lapse pictures of long term events. In the video mode, regular videos are easy to acquire and it also allows you to take timed videos, meaning you set how long the video is taken so that you too can be included in the family movie that you want to share. The integrated Video Player allows you to play back the movie at normal speeds or slowed down so you can see the action frame by frame. Controlled Capture allows you to set various camera settings for each Project to control the white-balance, flash mode, focus mode, and camera sound. The Menu driven commands allow you to easily peruse the images and movies in your Projects and also review the current settings for your Project. Two versions of Controlled Capture are available; Controlled Capture Lite, which allows you to test the application to see if it is useful for you, and a Controlled Capture Pro. The Lite version has some features disabled and the Pro version has all features enabled to make the most of your image or video taking experience.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.7
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 2.2