Puppy Wallpapers

Need a wallpaper that will brighten your day every time you glance at your device? Puppies are here to save the day!What could be cuter than a sweet little puppy staring back at you with innocent eyes and an adorable pink tongue hanging out of its mouth? Nothing of course! Even non-dog lovers can't get enough of these ridiculously cute puppies! Baby animals are an instant mood booster, but none more than puppies of course! From fluffy golden retrievers and labs to beautiful shepherds and tiny terriers, this wallpaper app has them all! You'll find tired little pups serenely gazing back at you, and excited puppies playfully jumping, running and getting in to all sorts of puppy mischief. Whether you have a dog pal at home or just longingly wait for the day you can get an adorable puppy, these wallpapers will help get you through the day. From their puppy-dog eyes to their fluffy fur and their tiny barks, these puppies will win over your heart! One look and you'll be grinning at the insane cuteness!These furry friends will make the perfect wallpaper to make you smile any time of day! Everyone loves cute puppies, so be sure to share these adorable wallpapers with all your friends too!
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up