Video editor with amazing free video warping and speed filters. Mix speed and video warping filters for endless fun VFX combinations!Speed Filters: Use the special real-time controller for recording any forward or reverse speed effects. Or for extreme simplicity, just pick your favorite preset: Fast-motion, slow-motion (slow mo), reverse, reverse slow motion, jump around, repeater loops, vibrato - and much more.Warp Filters: The next level of color and displacement filters - mix and match your own perfect effect combinations! Animated filters to match the video speed: Hue animators, swirls, kaleidoscopes, weird plasma displacements, and more. With Filter Mixer you can easily blend fresh new effect combinations. State-of-art OpenGL GPU shaders render fast real-time effect previews.Country Colors: Show your colors! Apply cool country colors to finalize the filter mix. USA, Brazil and India included now - more to follow based on customer requests.Source Video Trimmer: Allows you to pick just the right piece of the source video to process. Accurate and simple to use.Audio Track Processing: Audio is processed to match the video speed. Speed, direction, everything totally in sync. And always with cool real-time preview.HQ Export: Video Warp produces extremely high quality H.264 AVC MP4 videos. Automated quality optimizer: no configuration, just beautiful results.Free: No ads, nothing to buy, no annoyances.Please help Video Warp find more friends. Share the download link and rate/review Video Warp in the store. Thanks!We would love to hear your feedback on Twitter @Haavepaja - or by email
License Free
Version 2.3.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.3 and up