4K Ultra HD Video Player - Play all Video Formats

This 4k Ultra Full HD Video player is one of the powerful HD Video player offered 100% free, it will play all kind of video file existing in your phone/device. Any HD video file that is downloaded from internet, taken from any other device or you have recorded it, will be played in this smart and handyALL format video player.This ultra HD video play is supporting all 4k Videos, and play them with highest definition and its features to increase, decrease volume and brightness with finger tips.Millions of the people love this app because it very fast, and playing all video format which included WMV, M4V, MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, RMVB, 3GP, MPG, MP4V, MP2V, MOV, MP2, MP4, MPE, MP3, WAV, AAC, FLV, TS, FLAC, RMVB, 4k, 8K and 16K video files.Key Featured of the app========================This 4K Ultra HD Video Player Play all types of video files mentioned aboveThis full high definition 4k video player will also play Audio filesThis Player will automatically identify all video files on your phone device , and will let you play one by oneUser can easily play, pause, fast forward and reverse, play next and back playing etcBy taping and dragging finger from right to left side on the screen will fast forward the video with the speed of figureTaping on left side of video screen and dragging it up will increase brightness and will dragging it back will decrease the brightnessTaping on right side, and dragging it up will increase volume while taping and dragging figure down will decrease volumeHardware AccelerationJust download and install the app , and starting watching your most favorite video.Note:-This application support almost all Full HD Video formats ( HD , 1080 , 4K), If you feel any problem with playing video just report us, We will fix it on the earliest.
Operating System Android