DVD Player+

DVD Player+ is a High-quality and powerful DVD Media Player, specially designed for playback of your Media Files or the Movies that are stored in your CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray or VCD's you may have. DVD Player+ can play movies on DVD's, VCD's or CD's. On the other hand, it can play almost every Media Video or Audio Format that exists (over 200 media formats are supported). In addition, The DVD Player+ supports some unique Features that you will not find on any other Player: When you insert a DVD disc with a movie, it automatically find and display all available Movie Information for the movie (actors, plot, authors, the original Film Poster). Also, you will get direct access to the any official extra videos and clips for the movie. Automatically load all Media (Video/Audio) Disc contents during swap of DVD's. The Video Player brings to you 14 High-Quality, custom-made Visual Effects for the Video. A real-time 2D to 3D conversion during playback, so the 2D Video is viewed as a 3D one (with anaglyph glasses). Adjust the brightness, the saturation and the contrast of the video (for dark videos). Rotate the video with 6 options (vertically, flip horizontally). Capture snapshots from the video and auto-save them to the Pictures folder during playback. Replay, Play, Pause, Move back or forward, Skip positions. Full Screen View or Normal View. Adjust the volume. Switch modes without stop. You can play every video in your PC in 14 different modes: 2D: classic mode; 3D: watch your 2D recorded video in 3D (watch with anaglyph glasses 6 types of glasses supported); Cartoon mode: watch yourself in a cartoon mode; Old movie: Your video is viewed as it is recorded many years ago; Grayscale: view your video painted in gray tones; Warhol: view your video painted in a Andy-Warhol style painting; Lomo: view your video with a lomographic effect; Billboard: view your video as a billboard. If you want to play a Data/Media Disc that you have burned by yourself, then the application provides a Media List View to the user, including the media files that are found in the disc.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.5.5
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements None