Player for DVD's Lite

Player for DVD's Lite - Professional Windows 10 software to play DVD's and many popular formats such as HEVC, VOB, MKV, MPG, AVI, MOV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP3, and others. After installation, you get all the benefits of high-quality playback, perfect sound, support for more than 150 codecs, as well as a full set of advanced features. You can create and manage playlists, watch with subtitles, enable random playback, use the app in the background, and that's not all. Player for DVD's Lite has strong support from developers, keeps on updates, has modern design and easy-to-use features. Videoformats: *.vob; *.3g2; *.3gp2; *.3gp; *.3gpp; *.m4v; *.mp4v; *.mp4; *.mov; *.m2ts; *.asf; *.wm; *.wmv; *.avi; *.flv; *.mkv; *.qt; *.ts; *.f4v; *.hdmov; *.moov.,*.mpeg; *.mpg; *.mpe; *.mpg2; *.mpeg1; *.mpeg4; *.divx; *.dvr-ms; *.ogv; *.mxf; *.m2p; *.mts; *.rm; *.rmvb; *.dv; *.dif; *.vc1; *.bmv; *.iv8; *.pjs; *.dirac; *.roq; *.smjpeg., *.mjpg; *.cavsvideo; *.thp; *.flic; *.ivf; *.mtv; *.nuv; *.r3d; *.mjpeg; *.vivo; *.webm; *.hevc; *.h265; *.265; *.matroshka, *.nut; *.idcin; *.rawvideo; *.wtv; *.pva; *.nsv; *.xl; *.bink; *.dnxhd; *.yuv4mpegpipe; *.y4m; *.avs. Audioformats: *.mp3; *.wav; *.m4a; *.aac; *.adt; *.wma; *.adts; *.ac3; *.ec3; *.flac; *.amr; *.au; *.aiff; *.aif; *.aifc; *.caf; *.qcp; *.wave; *.ogg; *.act; *.gsm., *.bit; *.voc; *.adx; *.ircam; *.sf; *.dts; *.avr; *.ape; *.apl; *.mac; *.mmf; *.aea; *.afc; *.mlp; *.nist; *.sph; *.paf; *.fap; *.xa; *.wv; *.vb; *.son; *.iff., *.al; *.mpc; *.oma; *.omg; *.aa3; *.vmd; *.sbg; *.w64; *.brstm; *.shn; *.tak; *.dtshd; *.tta; *.boa; *.vqf; *.vql; *.vqe; *.daud.
License Free
Version 1.2.138
Operating System Windows Windows 10
System Requirements Windows 10 version 14332.0 or higher