VOICE OF THE WATCHMAN TELEVISION is the media arm of The WATCHMAN CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC RENEWAL MOVEMENT The Watchman is that personnel saddled with the responsibility of surveillance in a given organization institution or society. Voice of the Watchman is that voice of the man on a vantage height of spiritual surveillance against the onslaught of the wicked one, that enemy of the soul of man- Ezekiel 33: 1-9 The Voice of the Watchman is therefore that voice of warning, that voice of information, that voice of awareness, speaking in this generation to inform, warn and create awareness of the realities of our time, the dangers that abound and the avenue of safety and escape. The Voice of the Watchman is designed to hear and receive divine information and broadcast same to whoever cares to hear. It is a voice speaking of last days, that voice of God's messenger for the last days, designed to serve as a means of deliverance to the oppressed and possessed of devils, warn the adamant of the impending doom. This voice serves also as a means of restoration to the strayed ones and consolidation of the faith of the abiding pilgrims. A number of programmer are designed to achieve the objectives of the VOW TV. There are programs ranging from Adult, Youth and Children programs, specialized programs for the married and singles. There are also programs for students at all levels.........
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