4K AVR-Key Total Control

This APP request Bluetooth authorization and SD card/file writing permission.It will allow you to control and operate your HDfury AVR-Key.GoBlue is mandatory to use this APP.AVR-Key is the ultimate add-on for your AVR!If you already have that perfect sound system with multiple HP all wired and you are trying to get Full HDMI sound to it from modern UHD and 4K HDR, HLG or DV sources... Look no further, we have the straight forward answer to integrate any first generation AVR in second generation HDMI and HDCP setup.No matter the content played from recent sources, the video resolution, format or the refresh rate. With AVR Key you will always get a 720p or 1080p (selectable) Full HDMI audio stream to feed your older yet perfectly working AVR.Hook the Key to your older AVR and turn it into an Ultra AVR now capable of accepting Full HDMI Audio from any modern 4K, UHD, HDCP2.2, DV, HLG, HDR10+ sources while your display is fed with the best possible video signal.
Operating System Android