Looper, Zoom And Repeat YouTube And Local Videos

Loop: You're are learning a new guitar lick to a song watching your favourite musician on YouTube. Practice makes perfection where you can loop the song to play with the musician. Replay your videos on the fly with Looper - Pinch, Swipe, and Zoom!Zoom: He shoots, he scores but the referee calls goalie interference. Zoom in, review the play and be the judge. Was the ref right or the fan? Catch the Action Loop -Zoom - Swipe!Swipe: Skip the boring scenes in the YouTube video and cut to the chase by swiping with one stroke Fast Forward or Rewind.Choose: The movie is too long? Loop interesting parts of the video by setting loop start and loop end on the slider or long pressing the screen.Share: Found interesting video on YT? Share it with Looper App and zoom it or repeat!Access your local videos or YouTube streams from the application on the fly. No need to fiddle around with accessing content.Display and access videos fast and quick. Simple with loop, zoom, and swipe at your fingertips.Switch between watching videos from your device or search for YouTube videos. You can log into your YT account and share the video you want to zoom or repeat with this app.By default the app will repeat videos infinitely. You can also loop short parts of the video by setting loop start and loop end on the slider or long pressing the screen.When watching movie you can pinch the screen and zoom the part of the view.Also you can move the video around the screen when zoomed.With this app you can close-up on your favourite actor or actress.You can use it for sport's analysis looping short part of the video and zooming on athlete movements.You can zoom and loop your favourite music videos and learn dance choreography from them.By default the loop is set at the start and end of video and your video will repeat in endless loop.Double tap on the screen to reset zoom.When watching local movies you can adjust playback speed. Unfortunately it doesn't work for youtube videos :(Please note: It's not always possible to play loop exactly from selected start because of how the video codecs encode video frames.Also when playing YouTube videos some might not work with default engine and in that case you can open them with second youtube engine, BUT in that mode zoom might not work :(
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 0.9.24
Operating System Android
System Requirements None