Happening live coming November 12th 2017, at the Independence Square - Accra. This app is an official app for live broadcasting of the Centenary Anniversary.This event climaxes all the major activities that have been held from the beginning of the year to date. It will see the gathering of all the saints from CAC and representations from other affiliate organisations such as the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC).Join us as appreciate the goodness of our Lord and celebrate 100 years of impacting the world through Pentecostalism.Below are some major events in the History of the Christ Apostolic Church Int.Visit http://cacihq.org/history/ for a full narrative of the history of the church.- 1917 - P. N. Anim (founder of the Chuch) read, the famous magazine "The Sword of the Spirit" on 21st May, 1917. The reading of the magazine fired up the commencement of Christ Apostolic- Church International as a small prayer group called "The Unity Prayer group".- 1921 - The Unity prayer group turned into a full-fledged Church and Anim decided to look for international mentorship in the form of affiliation.- 1922 - Anim built the first national headquarters for his Church at Asamankese and affiliated with the Faith Tabernacle Church in Philadelphia USA.- 1923 - Pastor James Ambrose Clark of Faith Tabernacle Church ordained Anim and empowered him to baptize and confirm workers for the work of the ministry. He was again instructed by Pastor Clark to submit himself for water baptism. Anim was baptized by one of his elders, elder I.L. Bennett on 3rd December, 1923. He in turn baptized elder Bennett on the same day.- 1923 - The Holy Ghost in a literal form of fire, descended on the first church building of C.A.C International on 25th May, 1923.- 1925 - A misunderstanding came in the Faith Tabernacle Church leading to the expulsion of Pastor James Ambrose Clark. Upon this, Anim stopped the affiliation and looked elsewhere for another international friendship.- 1927 -Anim read again another journal called the Apostolic Faith Papers from the Apostolic Faith Church, founded by a woman Pastor, Florence Louise Crawford in Portland, Oregon, USA. Anim appreciated her good teachings on the Holy Spirit.- 1930 - Anim wrote to Pastor Florence Crawford of Apostolic Faith Church, Portland, Oregon and sought another affiliation with her and to seek support for his Church- 1932--A five-week revival was held at Asamankese for the Holy Ghost baptism and the first person to speak in new tongues in that year was brother Stephen Owiredu.- 1935--Pastor George Perfect from the U.K Apostolic Missions Headquarters at Bradford arrived in the Gold Coast to visit Anim's Church at Asamankese. He held revival meetings with them, and Anim fell in love with the U.K Apostolic Missionaries. He eventually left Pastor Florence Crawford of Apostolic Faith, U.S.A.- 1936--Prophet Evangelist, Joseph Ayo Babalola, one of the greatest miracle workers in Africa, from C.A.C Nigeria visited Anim and his Church at Asamankese and held revival programmes with the Church.- 1936--Pastor Vivien Wellings, the missionary secretary from U.K. Apostolic Church, also visited Asamankese. Anim and his church wrote a letter through Pastor Vivien requesting a permanent missionary from U.K. to help them in Church administration and evangelism.- 1937--Pastor James McKeown arrived in Accra on 4th August and Apostle Anim and some of his leaders went to welcome him and brought him to Asamankese.- 1937- C.A.C International rented the first missionary residence at Anum, Asamankese for Pastor James McKeown.- 1937- C.A.C. International built its first mission house to rehouse Pastor James McKeown but he left the Church.Read More on http://cacihq.org/history
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